Our Products

Did you ever notice that other dairy products, like yogurts and ice creams, come in dozens of flavors?  Did you ever wonder why milk only comes in two – white and chocolate?  Well, we did.  And that’s why we decided to develop our own line of flavored milk and milk mixes.  Our taste tempting flavors will have you asking – what took so long?

  • True Banana Cream – Our True Banana Cream is the perfect creamy concoction of rich and ripe banana flavor.  Now available in powder mix form.
  • True Black Cherry – Bursting with fresh-from-the orchard cherry goodness, our True Black Cherry will have you wondering where the pits are.
  • True Blue Moon – Our out-of-this-world True Blue Moon is reminiscent of the popular fruity and loopy breakfast favorite.
  • True Cotton Candy – A creamy carnival of sweetness, our True Cotton Candy tastes just like the pink spun-sugar treat we all can’t help but love.  Now available in powder mix form.
  • True Grape – Our True Grape is a yummy purple dairy delight bursting with delicious grape flavor.
  • True Orange Dreamsicle – Our light and refreshing True Orange Dreamsicle tastes just like the popular ice cream novelty – without the wooden stick.  Now available in powder mix form.

Coming Soon:  New taste-tempting flavors, including seasonal varieties.