Flavored Milk: Nature’s Sports Drink

Repeated┬ástudies have shown that flavored milk’s powerful nutrient package has┬ánumerous benefits for post-exercise and sports recovery.

  • Low-fat flavored milk’s three-to-one ratio of carbohydrate grams to protein grams has repeatedly proven to be the best ratio to restore glycogen levels post exercise.
  • Low-fat flavored milk naturally contains the sodium and potassium found in most electrolyte sports drinks, and has shown to be superior at maintaining positive fluid balances during recovery.
  • Low-fat flavored milk also contains the optimal balance of fast-absorbing proteins such as whey protein, and slow-absorbing proteins such as casein. The fast-absorbing proteins pump essential amino acids into the bloodstream promoting muscle growth and repair, while the slow-absorbing proteins help maintain amino acid levels for many hours, reducing the amount of muscle breakdown.
Source:┬áNational Dairy Council Nutrition Education Materials – www.nationaldairycouncil.org