Become a Partner

By partnering with True Dairy Flavors, dairies and retailers can now enter the flavored milk market with a widely recognized brand, satisfy a growing consumer demand and add value to their bottom line.  In addition to gaining access to market tested flavors, our partners benefit from our continued R&D efforts and national marketing campaigns.

  • When our logo and “true flavor names” are included on labeling, locally produced products benefit from a nationally known brand.
  • Our in-store demo’s and pilot programs allow retailers to market test our flavors prior to making any long-term commitments.
  • Our R&D team continues to develop and test new flavors, including seasonal varieties.
  • Our marketing campaigns not only promote the True Dairy Flavors brand, but the health benefits of flavored milk in general.

The Flavored Milk Market

With an increased focus on higher protein diets, flavored milk is well positioned to gain market share from competing beverages.  Unlike other drinks popular for their taste, flavored milk provides substantial health benefits.  A unique combination of health and taste in an all-natural product, flavored milk is expected to grow in popularity for many years to come.

  • Flavored milk consumption is forecasted to increase by a compound annual rate of 4.1% between 2012 and 2015, more than triple the expected 1.3% growth rate for carbonated soft drinks.
  • Experts estimate that in the next three years, flavored milk consumption will grow at more than double the rate of white milk globally.
  • Traditionally consumed by kids, experts see an opportunity for growth in the teen and adult markets, reaching a “sweet spot” where both taste and health meet.
Source: Tetra Pak Dairy Index – June 2013 –